Soloflo Wedge Opening Screens - applications for drillers, civil engineers, agriculture, mining, dams, construction

The Soloflo® Design

Soloflo® acknowledges the proven technology of a wedge opening shape. There are no inner support rods in the Soloflo® design. Instead, outer fins are constructed longitudinally which provide a multitude of benefits. Wedge opening screens promote the development of the reverse filter and reduces drawdown and are also proven to be resistant to clogging.

Solofo product evolution. Generation 1 and 2 Design Evolution

Generation 1: Cut slots in plastic and steel

Twisting and turning of elongated particles can clog parallel openings. Water flow is excessively turbulent at the entrance to the slot, causing enegy loss which can cause chemical reactions through the release of gases.This causes excessive drawdown. The nett results are higher pumping and maintenance costs above and below ground.

Generation 2: Wedge wire steel wrapped screens

Only two points of contact occur at the inlet to the screen. If the elongated particles can pass through the inlet, this wedge shaped opening creates no restriction as the particles turn which assists the development process.

Generation 3: Soloflo® Wedge Opening Screens

Diagram shown above.